Lean Transformation Waves to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

Our Lean wave methodology is a deep-dive, in a few months, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a business team, department or business unit.

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Wave budget starts at 15.000€ vat excl

Expected ROI of min 100.000€

A holistic approach that focuses on 5 areas.

It first goes through a diagnostic of the overall performance, design and implementation of operational solutions structured around 5 key areas: voice of the customer, process efficiency, performance management, organization & skills, mindset & behavior.

  • Voice of the Customer: identify what customers value and what they expect to deliver and organize all our operational system accordingly;
  • Process Efficiency: eliminating activities that do not add value to the customer;
  • Performance Management: Drive and monitor operational targets, making problems visible and helping the frontline solve them real-time through visual management
  • Organization & Skills: Setting up the right organization to support the frontline through effective span of control and division of activities
  • Mindset & Behavior: Develop a problem-solving and operational excellence culture and management soft skills in order to keep improving continuously after the project

Why would you need a Lean wave?

A lean wave is a solution designed for companies or organisations that want to seriously improve the overall performance and maturity of their teams and departments towards operational excellence. It concretely challenges almost every aspect of the daily life of the business, from the service level we ambition to the work distribution routines, from the process sequences to the way we define and monitor our operational objectives.

The lean wave is a 3 to 4 months project, following 3 phases:

Step 1 : Diagnose

The diagnose (3-4 weeks) is aimed at identifying & quantifying waste and inefficiencies in the daily operations and at prioritizing opportunities for improvement.


Step 2: Design & Action Plan

The design and action plan (2-3 weeks) operationalize insights from the diagnose and transform them into concrete improvement initiatives and realistic targets build around a coherent vision.

Step 3 : Implementation

During the implementation (8-12 weeks), we support you in putting your new operating model into practice, and empower the management team and operators to progressively become owners of the change for long-term continuous improvement. 


What can you expect at the end of the Lean wave?

We provide you tailored solutions for your own business, typically improving on the following areas:

  • Voice of the Customer: Proactive monitoring of customer demand and increased reactivity to changes
  • Process Efficiency: Elimination of non-added value activities, building process automation and digitalization…
  • Performance Management System: KPI & SLA alignment, Performance Meeting Structure and Agenda, Visual Dashboards and Whiteboards, Forecasting…
  • Mindset & Behavior: Solution-oriented mindset across all levels of management, Daily problem-solving by operators, Organization of activities of management team towards servant leadership…
  • Organization & Skills: “Standardization made simple”, Proactive skill management system, Reinforcement of the onboarding process…

“We support you in setting strong foundations for long-term performance of your operations, and more resilience to our fast changing world. “

Wave budget starts at 15.000€ vat excl

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Let’s Make our Organisations More Lean and Sustainable