The art of doing better with less

Creating a Zerwaste Culture involves getting everyone to see and embrace Lean; to see waste and remove it; to question everything they do; to act only on facts and not opinion, and work together, not in silos.

Companies have an important role to play to develop more circularity, and have a positive impact on our planet. They are not the problem but the solution. That’s why we believe that we can use Lean Thinking principles in the corporate world to change the linear economic and industrial paradigm​.


We Believe

We believe that the combination of extremely talented people and technology can foster innovations that will support a prosperous and sustainable future.

Together, we invent, design and engineer new processes, technologies and products that design out waste from operations and production in order to improve the value chain, reduce pollution, keep resources and materials in use with more circularity, and have a positive impact on our planet.

We are driven by 3 set of values


If you cannot afford to waste time, you will never find the truth. Join us ! 

A Culture of Openness

We want to develop a culture of openness to explore first-time-right & Zero-defect technologies/ methodologies. The openness to share zero waste opportunities with our clients. The openness to work with people in a way that will bring their vision to life. The freedom to grow our own business.

Venture building with leaders that want to change the world.

Business Model

We invest 25% of our benefits into waste management / reduction solutions that we will share with our community. Open source analytics plaform, case studies and DIY tricks to reduce waste in your daily life.

With some clients we also try also to reallocate the new value that is generated in their operations to improve the organisation circularity. We try to build circularity revenue growth plans based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural ecosystems outside the organisation.

The Road to Zero Waste