Reveal the true performance of your production site

This non-invasive senor data based approach is built on Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) metric that we derive from sensor and plant data, specifically focused at the bottleneck site level. It serves as a revealing tool for Leaders providing an in-depth understanding of the discrepancies between the plant’s potential and actual production. TEEP highlights the differences between the ideal 365 days of uninterrupted production and the real-world operational output. In essence, TEEP sheds light on available capacity, planned operations, and actual production, helping us pinpoint areas to enhance throughput.

What do we focus on?

We examine all on-site operations that affect efficiency, targeting major improvements across five key areas:


Strategic Planning & Scheduling

Ensuring an undisturbed flow from raw material acquisition to the dispatching of the final product by strategically ordering and timing every operation in a comprehensive production process.


Cycle Time Optimization

Leveraging sensor data to bring into view, scrutinize, and fine-tune each process step, directing focus on identifying and alleviating bottleneck constraints to skyrocket Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


Maintenance Efficiency

Enhancing reliability and turnarounds by:

  • Instituting responsive and efficient methodologies to address breakdowns and log equipment failures, thereby isolating and addressing bad actors.
  • Ensuring shutdowns are executed in the most time-efficient and effective manner.

Quality Assurance

Upholding product adherence to client specifications and reducing time squandered due to Out of Specification (OOS), reprocessing/reworking, and over-quality.


Performance Management

Employing meticulous performance measurement to refine management of activities: steering accountability, and systematically monitoring performance trajectories toward set targets.

How we do it ? A Methodical, four-phase Strategy to Elevate Production Line Performance and Formulate a Robust Improvement Plan:

Gain unparalleled clarity into your plant's operations, enabling you to make more informed and profitable decisions. ( 2-4 weeks).

Employing a structured method to pinpoint areas needing enhancement, site leaders give precedence to and validate specific domains for improvement.
Using data from your sensors, we measure the plant’s Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) to find where improvements can be made. TEEP shows us how your plant is really performing compared to its full potential.

Why This Approach Matters to you?
  • See what’s causing delays
  • Decide which issues to fix first and who should fix them
  • Have a consistent way to view performance across different sites or departments
  • Aim to always serve or produce more, with better quality, without stopping
  • Learn to do more with the resources you have
Deliverables : Impact Overview for full-Spectrum Optimization.
  • Potential improvements identified through TEEP gaps.
  • Estimated yearly production boost from chosen strategies.
Examples of suggested strategies:
  • Stabilize and fine-tune process factors.
  • Streamline start-up and shut-down procedures with Gantt chart visualization.
  • Efficiently address and control frequent issues.
  • Maximize global outage process for time efficiency.
    Refine shift transition processes.
  • Explore more benefits from additional areas of focus.

Spotting the Obstruction: Turning Data into Decisive Action!

Identifying the Plant Bottleneck Hampering Output. A pivotal step that deploys plant sensor data to pin down the plant’s technical bottleneck, utilizing:

  1. In-depth Process Exploration:
    Diving deep to comprehensively comprehend every detail and nuance of the ongoing processes.
  2. Data mining on Historian sensors database
    1. Data cleaning : Ensuring it’s free from inconsistencies or errors.
      Zooming In On Relevant Timeframes: Identifying and focusing on periods of interest.
    2. Adjusting Conditions: Modifying, refining, or altering as per requirement.
      Calculating Statistical Variations within Capsules: Analyzing, understanding, and interpreting the data variations.
    3. Highlighting Deviations from the Threshold: Detecting and paying attention to any outliers or anomalies.
    4. Model Verification and Optimization: Ensuring the accuracy and efficacy of the utilized model.
  3. Unlocking the True Performance:
    Determining the plant bottleneck to understand and harness 100% maximum throughput, revealing the authentic performance metrics of the plant.

Turn your vision into reality with tailor-made plan that ensure sustainable growth and peak performance. (3 weeks).

After the diagnostic we have a clear view of the plant bottlenecks and a picture of the anticipated future can be drawn. Site leaders foster a lucid vision of what’s ahead and the route to reach there. Committed to achieving the outlined vision, site leaders curate and pledge to detailed, improvement plans.

How do it ?
  • Collaborative workshops with site teams to visualize the future state based on TEEP insights.
  • Rank initiatives based on impact and feasibility.
Deliverables: Improvement plan and Strategy – Structured Steps for Seamless Execution
  • Map out the action plan for top-tier projects.
  • Detail necessary expertise, resources, timelines, and anticipated productivity gains across all sectors.
Examples of Strategic actions:
  • Set benchmarks for support function response.
  • Standardize key operations for optimal throughput.
  • Clarify support roles and duties.
  • Establish clear escalation pathways and after-hours aid.
  • Reassess SLAs in vital equipment support contracts.
  • Integrate weight guidelines in batch processing.
  • Craft a comprehensive troubleshooting manual.
  • Design specialized guides for specific issues/assets.
  • Ensure real-time visibility of persistent issues and workflows.

Bringing Vision to Life (6-12 months)

Site leaders, teams and Zerwaste team are rolling out the initiatives, witnessing a boost in performance.

Secure, Sustain, Succeed - Making Progress Permanent

The site continuously improves and upholds enhancements, advocating for the envisioned future.
Continuously monitor, refine, and embed best practices to ensure long-term success and stability. Employing meticulous performance measurement to refine management of activities: steering accountability, and systematically monitoring performance trajectories toward set targets.

They trust us :

Production site leaders turn to us to solve performance and waste problems, to create growth and sustainability.