Lean Manufacturing consulting and workshops to improve industrial performance

Zerwaste optimises industrial performance while meeting customer requirements in terms of cost, quality and lead time. Lean Manufacturing is at the heart of our DNA. All our missions are developed against a backdrop of operational excellence using this methodology. 

The Zerwaste Lean Manufacturing methodology

Lean Manufacturing is the western version of the Toyota Production System (TPS) based on the elimination of waste in the production process. The objective of our Lean Manufacturing services is to use different tools with the aim of increasing the share of value-added activities while reducing non-value-added activities.  This method allows the optimisation of industrial performance to better meet customer requirements in terms of cost-quality-delay.

Objectives of Lean Manufacturing

The Lean Manufacturing method aims at managing industrial performance by eliminating all types of waste through the optimisation of the production process. This method is a solution provided by Zerwaste for companies wishing to optimise their industrial processes. The objective is also to improve flexibility and reactivity to customer demands. 

Deployment of Lean Manufacturing

There are several ways of dealing with a project, depending on the type and complexity of the problem being addressed. And each project is deployed differently over time depending on these two variables:


« The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize  » – Shigeo Shingo

Lean Manufacturing Tools

Every challenge has a solution. And we use the right Lean Manufacturing tool to address it.

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By eliminating all forms of waste, organisations will be more efficient and employees happier (security, empowerment and development)

The Road to Zero Waste