Lean circularity tools for more sustainability in your operations

Lean Circularity

The Lean Circularity, also known as C-Lean is a methodology using key concepts from lean management and circular economy.

The main idea behind our Lean Circularity expertise is to use a method appraised and adopted among various sectors to make processes more sustainable through waste valorisation, circular model of production and sustainable value creation, integrating the whole Supply Chain.

Objectives of our Lean Circularity services

With 5 planetary boundaries (out of 9) exceeded, the Take-Make-Waste system is clearly showing its limits.
However, the journey from linearity to circularity can seem overwhelming as it won’t be done in one day.

Therefore, our lean approach of continuous improvement could help companies to become more green and efficient one step at a time.

Zerwaste can help you to include the 5R in your processes and to transform them into sustainable processes, legally compliant, easily monitored for taxonomy and for certifications, such as Ecovadis or Bcorp.

Lean Circularity Process

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