Lean Management Consulting to Improve Process Steering & Management Tools

What do we mean when we talk about Lean Management ? What are the objectives ? How do we deal with various projects ? What tools can we make available to your company ? 

  • Analysis of process performance management system & tools
  • Analysis of standard procedures and ways of working
  • Analysis of key management activities & best practices of process steering
  • Analysis of problem-solving & continuous improvement system

The Zerwaste Lean Management methodology

The Zerwaste Lean Management method is a management strategy focused on continuous improvement, customer value creation, identification and elimination of waste.  Lean Management or Lean Thinking is also a corporate philosophy based on the commitment and involvement of the entire organisation to optimise quality and efficiency. It is therefore a people-centred approach with the objective of optimising administrative and business processes, but also human well-being.  

Lean Management Objectives

There are 4 key stakes in Lean:

  1. Eliminate waste, streamline operations and prevent malfunctions
  2. Improve a process for the benefit of all stakeholders (customer, worker, owner)
  3. Analyse and control demand variability
  4. Remove tool and employee overload

Deployment of Lean Management

There are several ways of dealing with a project, depending on the type and complexity of the problem being addressed. And each project is deployed differently over time depending on these two variables:


« The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize » – Shigeo Shingo

Lean Management tools

Every challenge has a solution. And we use the right Lean Management tools to address it.

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