Lean Office Waste – Muda #4: Non-Utilized Talent

How To See Waste - Muda 4 - NonUtilized Talent

This article is Part 5 of the “How to See Waste: the 7+1 Muda – Office edition” on the Zerwaste blog. In this post, I will explore the eighth waste of Lean: Non-utilized talent Welcome back to my Lean Six Sigma Journey! In the past weeks, I have introduced the concept of Lean and explored […]

Data analysis and performance monitoring in a customer centre

Project Name Performance monitoring in a customer centre Industry Transport of passengers Achievements List of standard indicators (SLA & KPI) between communication channels Mock-ups for performance reporting at all hierarchical levels Reduction of time required to build reports (from 15% to 10% of weekly hours) The Challenge The client is specialized in passenger transport. They […]

The Story Behind Our Visual Identity

The Story Behind Our Visual Identity - Zerwaste

Want to know more about what we do? Then, you must read the story behind our visual identity. Learning to see waste and then systematically eliminate it; that’s what we strive for at Zerwaste. Our mission is to turn waste into opportunities by solving operational challenges today and improving circularity for tomorrow. We help you […]

How to See Waste: The 7+1 Muda

The first steps to eliminate The 7+1 Mudas is to be able to identify them

What is Muda? What are the 8 types of waste? How to identify and eliminate them? Muda is one of the main and most powerful concepts in Lean Six Sigma. Muda lies at the heart of the Toyota Production System philosophy. In my previous post, I explained how Lean focuses on cutting wasteful non-value-adding activities […]

My Lean Six Sigma Journey: A series

Hello everyone and welcome to my Lean Six Sigma Journey! I have joined Zerwaste as a digital data analyst and marketing intern this February. As part of my training, I am delving into the world of Lean Six Sigma and I have decided to take you along with me.  Having worked as a business journalist […]