Lean Office Waste – Muda #4: Non-Utilized Talent

How To See Waste - Muda 4 - NonUtilized Talent

This article is Part 5 of the “How to See Waste: the 7+1 Muda – Office edition” on the Zerwaste blog. In this post, I will explore the eighth waste of Lean: Non-utilized talent Welcome back to my Lean Six Sigma Journey! In the past weeks, I have introduced the concept of Lean and explored […]

Making Sense of Labels and Certifications

Making Sense of Labels and Certifications- Zerwaste

This article is part of the “How to be a Green Changemaker?” on the Zerwaste blog. In this post, we will explore suggestions on how to navigate between labels and certifications. Welcome back to the green changemaker Journey!  As climate change has become a more prominent issue, companies and organizations have started to examine their impact on […]