Zerwaste  Impact: create biodiversity friendly processes and interactions within and among corporate ecosystems. 

Zerwaste supports organisations from different sectors in the transition from a linear to a circular business model. We want to encourage Lean Circular Thinking, have a Zerowaste Impact and support biodiversity processes inside organisations. Together we explore organisation models, processes and operations, to design how they can have a positive impact, and develop or implement sustainable processes. 

Our impact actions:  

  • Implement corporate processes that support biodiversity and the dynamic interactions within and among ecosystems
  • Develop methods to unlock the path to a sustainable transformation
  • Educate people to see waste and remove it  
  • Support nonprofit organisations in their lean and sustainable transformation
  • Support industrial symbiosis by connecting companies to share insights or IP to reduce waste in their sector

Trusted by companies and nonprofits


We invest 25% of our profits to support our Impact Actions. It means that every Client, Employee or Freelance working with us is having a positive Impact on the planet. 

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Circular Audits​
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Companies with circular KPI​s
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It’s time to think differently, it’s time to work differently, it’s time to rethink our processes and the way we create and deliver value.  Lorenzo DEL MARMOL – Founder

Working together to switch from a linear to a circular mindset

  • We want to develop a culture of openness to explore first-time-right & Zero-defect technologies/ methodologies
  • The openness to share zero waste opportunities with our clients. 
  • The openness to work with people in a way that will bring their vision to life. 
  • The freedom to grow our own business. 
  • We believe in a world in which we can feel inspired, safe and fulfilled every single day. 

Teaching to see waste and then systematically eliminate it​

Creating a Zerwaste Culture involves getting everyone to see and embrace Lean; to see waste and remove it; to question everything you do; to act only on facts and not opinion, and work together, not in silos.

We always focus on how the products/ service benefits those who buy them. 

We believe that people/leaders are the ones who can deliver on that vision and that it is our responsibility to find and guide them in a way that will bring our vision to life.

Seeing waste as a valuable resource. 

We believe that our mindset shapes our attitude, and this is the ultimate factor that determines our successes or failures. 

Impact Tracking & Reporting

Report to be published in December 2022

Report to be published in December 2022

3 ways to support our actions:  


  1. Work with our consultants and designers 
  2. Share insights or IP to reduce waste in your sector. We will help you to promote it 
  3. Sponsorship & donations 

The Road to Zero Waste