Lean Circularity Workshop & Strategy Design

Lean Circularity workshop

The purpose of the Lean Circularity workshop is to help companies to become more green and efficient one step at a time using Lean and Circular Economy principles.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Define the level of maturity of your processes
  • Analyze the life cycle and the processes through Lean tools
  • Improve the processes continuously and transform them into sustainable processes
  • Support companies step by step in their circular transition
  • Integrate the principles of 5R into the redesign of processes
  • Sustain value creation by mixing efficiency and sustainability in concrete actions, e.g.:
    • Waste valorisation
    • Circular model of production
    • Integrating the whole Supply Chain

Lean Circularity Process

The workshop will be adapted to your level of maturity, as the journey from linearity to circularity won’t done in one day.

You want to start your transition from Cradle-to-gate to Cradle-to-cradle ?

3 ways Zerwaste can help you:

1. Audit your circular potential

2. Organize a circular Workshop

3. Create industrial symbiosis

Most of the time, certifications will take into account your internal CSR criteria (environment, labor & human rights, ethics, sustainable procurement, governance), but also your relationship with your partners.


Thus, it makes sense to focus on internal improvements within your business, but as well to extend the scope of your lean approach to the whole supply chain.

To benefit from our 2 days “circularity potential” audit, to know more about our Lean Circularity workshops or to design a circular strategy.