Step 3 - Sustain

Maturity growth and efficiency in Step 2 will create extra financial value to drive long-term competitive advantage and sustainable growth. We believe that this approach is the first step to finance your sustainable transition and have a strong impact on your corporate culture.

People will work with purpose and in an efficient working environment.

Impact workshops and projects

The purpose of the Impact projects is to help companies find and implement sustainable processes.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Define your sustainable vision and SDG 
  • Improve the processes and transform them into sustainable processes
  • Evaluate circular transition opportunities
  • Integrate the principles of 5R into the redesign of processes
  • Sustain value creation by mixing efficiency and sustainability in concrete actions, e.g.:
    • Waste valorisation
    • Circular model of production
    • Integrating the whole Supply Chain

Lean & Sustainable Processes

The workshop will be adapted to your level of maturity, as the journey from linearity to circularity won’t done in one day.

You want to start your sustainable transition ?

3 steps of Zerwaste Impact :

1. Analyse your sustainable potential

2. Organize Impact Workshop

3. Implement Sustainable Initiatives

Implementing sustainable initiatives can be achieved through a series of actions that promote environmentally-friendly practices and reduce waste. It is crucial to start by assessing your current processes and identifying areas where you can make changes. It is also important to engage employees and other stakeholders in the process, as their support and commitment can make a significant difference in the success of sustainable initiatives. Finally, monitoring and evaluating progress regularly can help identify areas where further improvements can be made and ensure that sustainability remains a priority in the long term. 

Thus, it makes sense to focus on internal improvements within your business, but as well to extend the scope of your lean approach to the whole supply chain.