Why Should You Care About Being a Circular Company?

It’s always good to start with why ! This “Why Should You Care About Being a Circular Company” video of Ellen MacArthur Foundation is giving a first great view of what’s happening in the Circular Economy world. Jarkko Havas is repeating the importance of data to be able to measure what is needed to do to develop a circular company. What does it mean to you? Where to you want to go? How are you going to measure your performance in order to prioritise actions ?  

In our opinion as a business leader you cannot wait to find answers to those questions, because the Circular Wave is there, it’s  huge and it’s not just a trend. Companies are already facing consumers and regulatory pressure to transform their model. Programs like Horizon Europe (Malta) are massively supporting #GreenTech and #CircularThinking innovations.

It’s although a big challenge to transform a business model, it takes time and you need to start step by step, flow by flow, to build a circular thinking culture.  Technology or money will not solve all your problems. Zerwaste we believe it’s the combination of extremely talented people/leaders (culture ) and technology that will foster innovations that will support a prosperous and sustainable future. Circulytics platform is one example among others. Thanks for this initiative.

To you want to become that kind of leader? Start with those 2 Questions :
1 – What does a Circular Company it mean to you?
2 – When can you organise a brainstorming session with your team to design a high-level company value stream and spot the first opportunities to improve your flows ?

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