Lean Waves a clever way to fund your Sustainable Development Goals.

As companies strive to become more sustainable and make a positive impact on the world, they often face the challenge of finding the resources necessary to fund and accelerate their transition. One solution to this problem is the implementation of lean waves, which are 3-4 month projects focused on improving efficiency and removing waste in […]

Cost-cutting a short-term vision for the industry

Cost cutting is a common strategy employed by companies in an effort to improve their bottom line and increase profits. While reducing costs can certainly be an effective way to increase efficiency and reduce waste, it is not the only solution available to companies in the industry. In fact, relying too heavily on cost cutting […]

Cost-cutting a short-term vision for services

In the service sector, cost-cutting is often seen as a quick fix for companies facing financial challenges. While reducing costs can certainly help a company improve its bottom line in the short term, it’s not always the best solution in the long run. In fact, relying too heavily on cost-cutting can actually hurt a company’s […]

Lean Manufacturing Waste – Muda #1: Defects

 This article is part 2 of the “How to See Waste: the 7+1 Muda – Manufacturing edition” on the Zerwaste blog. In this post, we will explore the first of the eight wastes of Lean: Defects. Welcome back to the Lean Six Sigma Journey. Previously, we had presented the concepts of Lean wastes within the […]

What Is ‘Circular Economy’?

What is circular economy- Zerwaste

This article is part of the “How to be a green changemaker?” series on the Zerwaste blog. In this post, we will try to understand what Circular Economy is and what the associated opportunities are for companies. Welcome back to the green changemaker Journey! In February 2021, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the […]

Technology and Lean Management

In the modern global economy, data rules supreme. In many cases data is more valuable than money, because, like the fable of the goose that laid the golden eggs, it has a capacity of being monetized endlessly. This applies not only to customer data but also to the metrics of project management and process management. […]

The Human Side of Continuous Improvement in Tech

One of the most pressing topics on the minds of managers, executives and employees everywhere is the future of work. It is vital for them to understand what people need to know and what skills they need to possess in order to stay competitive and employed in a world increasingly dominated by information and automation. […]