Data analysis and performance monitoring in a customer centre

Project Name

Performance monitoring in a customer centre


  • Transport of passengers


  • List of standard indicators (SLA & KPI) between communication channels
  • Mock-ups for performance reporting at all hierarchical levels
  • Reduction of time required to build reports (from 15% to 10% of weekly hours)

The Challenge

The client is specialized in passenger transport. They handle the customer service internally through a contact centre dealing with various channels (phone, webform, social networks, chat…).

It has been previously identified that the managers were spending too much time on building performance reports and the
service level was not as high as expected. 

The Lean Solution 

Following the 3 first steps of the Lean methodology (define, measure, analyse), Zerwaste took the time to conduct interviews with the managers and to analyse internal data. 


Thanks to those information, it has been possible to identify the root causes of issues initially identified.


The AS-IS diagnostic has allowed:

  • To identify that building reports and on project management was done at the expense of monitoring the team performance
  • To show the lack of standardisation between the different channels in terms of performance monitoring, indicators and reports
  • To point out the need of crisis management and planification to handle the volume peaks
  • To identify creating a single source of truth and building standard reports as key initial steps to improve the process


The benchmark with similar companies has shown that:

  • The targets were set lower than the competitors’ SLAs
  • The KPIs used internally were not standard indicators


As the improve and control phases were not included in the scope of the project, Zerwaste has suggested a roadmap to improve the performance within the customer centre:

  • Implementation plan for indicators and reports standardisation
  • Action plan and crisis management to improve customer satisfaction
  • Omni-channel approach to increase tool reliability
  • Steering lean processes and improvement of skills management to increase ownership and agent satisfaction


This roadmap helped the client to identify key issues and to prioritize the next steps towards performance management and efficacy.

The standard KPIs will allow the direction to compare the performance between channels.

The reporting will allow all hierarchical levels to share a single source of truth but also to have the right level of information and to act accordingly without losing time crunching the data.

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