Global Technology Company

Case Study: Global Technology Company Project Name: Global Tech Company Industry: Technology Achievements: Improved month-end reporting process Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Change of internal status from “problem child” to star The Challenge As a large technology company, based in Brussels and listed in the Standard & Poors Global 250, our client was well established in the […]

Health Tech IT Help Desk Case Study

Case Study: Health Tech IT Help Desk Case Study Project Name: Launch of a hospital-wide lean transformation program with the active support of the HR and nursing departments along with senior management. Industry: Health/Hospital Management Achievements: deployment of Lean management across a variety of departments large-scale adoption of Lean resulting in identification of problem areas […]

Bank BPM Case Study

Case Study: Bank BPM Case Study Project Name: Implementing BPM foundations to drive better process governance and process measurements Industry: Finance Achievements: Clear understanding of interactions between EA and BPM efforts Increased quality and consistency of bank outputs Dashboards to monitor high-impact processes and identify opportunities for ongoing improvement Over the past 40 years, this […]

Hospital BPM Case Study

Case Study: Hospital BPM Case Study Project Name: Establishing effective process-based management Industry: Medicine Achievements: Pathway between strategy and operations via process review Documentation of hospital process architecture Process performance measures for key processes Process governance scheme Briefing of hospital executives and managers Context, Problem & Solution  Brussels has a population of over one million […]

Case Study: Lean Customer Management in a Flagship Bakery

Case Study: Lean Customer Management in a Flagship Bakery Project Name: Lean retail sales practices in food production Industry: Food manufacturing Achievements: Using lean to identify and address bottlenecks in tourist visitation Development of improved tourist management and foodservice techniques The Challenge A national Brussels-based bakery chain found itself unable to cope with a high […]

Case Study : CIT within Belgian Government

Case Study 1: CIT within Belgian Government Project Name: Continuous Process Improvement Industry: Government Achievements: Creating a culture of continuous improvement of key business processes via a BPM methodology. Our client is an arm of the Belgian government that delivers services on behalf of 19 other agencies, for day-to-day and emergency conditions. It has over […]

Case Study: Health Tech IT Help Desk

Case Study: Health Tech IT Help Desk Project Name: Improving IT Help Desk Support Through Lean Implementation Industry: Health Technology/IT Achievements: Significant reduction in lead time for service requests Significant reduction in aging telecom service requests and call volume Successful and relevant deployment of Lean Implementation as a proof-of-concept for IT Help Desks The Challenge […]