Tools and brains to define and implement the path to a Lean, Digital and Sustainable organisation

Tools and brains to define and implement the path to a Lean, Digital and Sustainable organisation

Our tools help organisations, departments and teams to:

  1. Implement simple and standardised processes/activities
  2. Define flexible organisation that can adapt to various inputs
  3. Understand data to reach full business potential
  4. Implement daily performance management system aligned with SLA and the mission of the department/team

The implementation and control of those 4 pillars will reduce resources waste (costs) and create value that can be invested in sustainable processes and activities.

We believe that those 4 pillars are the first step to finance your sustainable transition and have a strong impact on your corporate culture. People will work with purpose and in an efficient working environment. Your time and resources are limited, so don’t waste them in non-value-added activities.

You pay if you are satisfied with the diagnostic results.

You are a company, department or team

We address entire value chains, from servicing to production, with a zero waste approach to transform and redefine operations and processes, with the aim of reducing waste and defects. We enable a “first-time-right” processes.


Operational problems are opportunities to grow and have an impact. That’s why companies have an important role to play to develop sustainable processes and have a positive impact on our planet. They are not the problem but the solution.

They Trust Our Ecosystem


Companies and institutions turn to us to solve  digital operational and production problems, to create growth and sustainability.

A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. 

Digital Organisation: How We Help Clients Improve Their Processes, Production & Performance?

Building end-to-end processes between product design, services and data to create intelligence and resilience.

Over time, organisations of all types whether services or product providers or governments become extremely complex to organize and manage. Zerwaste helps them connect their people, at every level, to work better but also to design out every kind of waste from their operations, services and products.

Unlock your Lean and Digital potential by working on 4 pillars

Our partners
Organization and processes

Time & Talent should not be wasted

  • Organizational Structure
  • Functional Processes
Products and or Services

“First-time-right” production & processes

  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain towards zero-waste
  • Service Operations towards zero-waste

Your data should not be wasted

  • Performance Management & Control systems to prevent the generation of defects
  • IoT & Micro Services (API) to create a circular network

Your time should not be wasted

  • Business Intelligence with data, finance & capital excellence
  • Process Automation (RPA)

Our Studio Culture

Together, we invent, design and engineer new processes, technologies and products that design out waste from operations and production in order to improve the value chain, reduce pollution, keep resources and materials in use with more circularity, and have a positive impact on our planet.

The Road to Zero Waste

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